Spring 2024 Enrollment Now Open!

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Dear Students,

As we gear up for the Spring 2024 semester, we're thrilled to announce that enrollment for classes is now open. This semester promises a wealth of exciting courses designed to challenge and inspire you. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you, categorized by grade level:

Freshmen (Grade 9):
For our freshmen, we've curated a set of foundational courses to help you transition smoothly into training at our CTE Center. From Explore Health Occupations to Explore Automotive, these classes are designed to ignite your curiosity and set the stage for a successful academic career.

Spring 2024 Course List - 9th Grade

Sophomores (Grade 10):

Sophomores, get ready to dive deeper into your chosen subjects and discover new interests. This semester offers a mix of core courses and elective options to broaden your horizons.

Spring 2024 Course List - 10th Grade

Juniors (Grade 11):
As juniors, you'll find a variety of courses to prepare you for the challenges of your senior year and beyond. This semester's offerings include advanced placement courses and specialized electives to help you tailor your education to your interests.

Spring 2024 Course List - 11th Grade

Seniors (Grade 12):
Seniors, the finish line is in sight! This semester offers a mix of capstone courses, college preparatory classes, and electives to ensure you're well-equipped for the next phase of your academic journey.

Spring 2024 Course List - 12th Grade

How to Enroll:

Visit the course links above to view the full course catalog, check class schedules, and complete your enrollment using the enroll now form on the website or simply grab an application at the front desk.

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