IGNITE Pathways is offering a first-of-its-kind educational experience in which students can earn core credits through their CTE experiences. Our approach uses a Competency-Based Education model that allows for anytime, anywhere learning as well as a platform that can capture evidence of learning at any time. 


IGNITE Pathways is one of two schools in the state of Iowa to incorporate Headrush into their CTE program. Headrush allows for students to move at their own pace while also capturing evidence of authentic learning. 


OUR COMPETENCIES: Universal Constructs

IGNITE Pathways has adopted foundational competencies that focus on skills that industry partners desire in employees: Communication, Critial Thinking, Collaboration, and Creativity.

The competencies are written in such a way that students are able to connect their learning experiences to any CTE pathway of their choice. This model allows for individualized learning for all. 

IGNITE Pathways has established four foundational competencies that students will demonstrate each year. These competencies align with Iowa's Universal Constructs. Within each discipline, students will dive deeper into the competencies to understand each more in depth.

  • 1st Quarter - Communicator: Exchange complex information and ideas through justifiable modes to effectively meet the needs of diverse individuals/groups.
  • 2nd Quarter - Critical Thinker: Create solutions to complex problems through inquiry and investigations to influence internal and/or external conditions.
  • 3rd Quarter - Collaborator: Negotiate in a respectful team process by contributing personal capacity to share ownership of outcomes that are larger than the individual.
  • 4th Quarter - Creator: Generate ideas by reconfiguring current thinking or by connecting seemingly unrelated ideas for an aesthetic or practical purpose.


Students in grades 9-12th have the option of earning core English credit through their CTE experiences. Students earning English credits through IGNITE will learn the same essential standards covered in a traditional English course, but the lens through which they experience the learning will be transformed.

Instead of traditional essays and presentations, students will have opportunities to compose accountability reports, project proposals, memos, business plans, project board presentations, and many more.

Additionally, students will continue to reseach and uncover new information through literature and informational reading, but those texts will focus on the CTE pathway of the student's choice and will enhance learning experiences that are occurring in CTE courses.



Students attending IGNITE Pathways are able to earn social studies credits through their CTE experiences. By examining the various CTE Pathways from a worldly perspective, students will gain a better understanding of history. 


IGNITE Pathways offers an Applied Mathematics class that immerses students in mathematics by connecting their CTE Pathway to real-world math applications. Students see first-hand how math relates to the industry.

The Welding Certificate program prepares students to enter into the industry as beginning production, maintenance, or job shop welders. Students are trained in the latest techniques in fabrication of materials by welding processes. The Welding Certificate is designed to teach fundamental techniques and principles. The pathway also provides for an overview of related topics, such as metallurgy and fabrication, layout, estimating and repair.



IGNITE students are able to earn two elective science credits through their CTE experiences. 

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