Programs are open to 9-12th grade and adult learners of Southwest Iowa. Want more information on applying? Email for more information.

IGNITE Pathways focuses on hands-on and industry relevant experiences in high-demand career areas.  Our program approach is not only different from any other programs in the area, it is different from any other program in the state.  See Our Approach for more details.

Most classes at IGNITE are in 1-1/2 hour blocks.  There are many opportunities to take back to back classes in a given pathway.  Because Math, English, Science, and Social Studies credits are incorporated into the CTE class, you are able to free up class periods on your home campus.

IGNITE currently has apprenticeship opportunities in welding, residential carpentry, digital marketing, and provides the related training instruction for HVAC. 

 We believe that our students are Champions of their own education and their own lives.  We work hard every day to ensure they feel the same way.

The application for IGNITE Pathways is available here.

Talk to your school administration about your interest in IGNITE programs.  You can also reach out to us at and we will support you in exploring possibilities.  Most schools can receive additional funding by sending students to IGNITE.

We’d love to hear from you! If you have questions or would like to schedule a tour, contact us at

IGNITE Pathways programs are free to students 9-12th grade. Adult learners are charged per pathway/course. 

All classes at IGNITE are offered for high school CTE credit.  Credit in Math, English, Social Studies, and/or Science is possible through our competency-based education approach. IGNITE students learn the same essential standards as in traditional high school courses, but do it through the lens of their hands-on CTE course.  This provides relevance to the core subjects, and eliminates students asking why they need to learn something.

Several certifications are available in the IGNITE Pathways program. Please visit our Pathways pages to explore the credentialing options available.

IGNITE believes in student engagement, and we feel it is important to limit the student to teacher ratio to 10:1 or less in all classes.  This provides a better experience for the student and allows the instructor to work more directly with each individual.

An instructor is like a teacher, but we don’t like to think of it like that.  We believe we are helping students navigate their own education and their options for their future.  We prefer to work alongside our students instead of in front of them.

Oftentimes, IGNITE Pathways classes are held on site at locations of our various business partners, where our students are learning by doing. You’ll also find students at the shop or multi-purpose classroom at the IGNITE Pathways Learning Lab at 601 Snyder Rd. in Woodbine, Iowa.

We communicate by email, phone, JMC, and the Band app.


You can support IGNITE by joining an advisory board, becoming an ambassador, or donating your time and talents.

We love our IGNITE Supporters!  They are a committed group of community leaders who support IGNITE by spreading the word about the program and helping us out at our events.  If you are interested in officially joining this important group, contact Michelle Barry, for more information.

Join an Advisory Board today, or contact us at to discuss other opportunities.

Please contact Michelle Barry, with any questions about donations or visit to make a donation. 

An Advisory Board is a group of industry professionals that meet on a regular basis to discuss curriculum, classes, programs, and strategies that are needed to address the labor needs in our area. If you are interested in sharing your expertise, contact Michelle Barry, for more information.

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