Due to lack of participation, March Madness competition has been suspended for 2024.




Student Competition begins March 1

If you own a phone, you could win $250!

Wanna play??

That's right, bring your phone to school, take some pictures, and you're in the competition! 

 Who can play:  Any IGNITE student, full or part-time, with a cell phone.

Capture EVERYTHING IGNITE:  Students are encouraged to take photos during class, field trips, activities, and all other learning opportunities.  The more images you submit, the greater chance to win!

March Madness Competition:  We'll set up brackets, similar to the NCAA March Madness tournament.  ALL students are welcome to participate March 1-17.  On Selection Monday, the top 64 students will be announced.  You will be able to see the selection and brackets on the JUMBO screen at IGNITE. Students will compete against each other by taking more pictures.  During the first three rounds, students will compete based on QUANTITY OF IMAGES SUBMITTED. Time stamps will be used as tie breakers -- get those photos in early and often!

Elimination Round Winners will announced Wednesday, 10 pm March 20 (3 days to take pictures)

Sweet 16 Brackets announced Monday, March 25 (2 days to take pictures)

Elite 8 Brackets announced Monday, April 1 (2 days to take pictures)

The road to the Final Four marks a shift in the competition.  Winners will be determined by QUALITY, not quantity.  Students who are selected to the Final Four and Championship rounds will each submit (2) photos per round to be posted to Facebook and Instagram.  The images with the greatest number of reactions, comments, and shares will win the round.

Final Four Brackets announced Wednesday 10PM, April 3 (Pictures taken April 4-5), posted April 6

Championship contenders announced Monday April 8, (Pictures taken April 9-10), posted April 11

Champion announced Monday, April 15

How to Submit Photos


Take a picture, text it to Teresa Coenen, 712-579-6537.  Make sure to include the name or names of students in the picture, the class or activity, and identify yourself as the contributor.  You'll get a "thumbs up" to let you know your image is properly submitted.

Images should be candid, not posed.  Get as close to the action as you can, so we can see what is going on.  Your images should tell the story of IGNITE and your experiences at IGNITE. 

Try not to be a distraction to the rest of your class.  At any time, your instructor has the option of telling you (and the rest of your classmates) to put the phones away and focus on the class.

What Can You Win??

Champion will win $250
(choice of scholarship or Amazon gift card)

Runner Up will win $50
(choice of scholarship or Amazon gift card)

What types of photos are we hoping to get?

Photos that tell the story of IGNITE!

Have questions?
Email Teresa Coenen 
or send a text to 712-579-6537













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