Oracle Aviation Partners with IGNITE

Oracle Aviation Partners with IGNITE

September 11, 2023 / 5 mins read

Oracle Aviation Signs Partnership Agreement with Southwest Iowa IGNITE Pathways Regional CTE Center September 2023

Woodbine, IA (September 11, 2023): The IGNITE Pathways Regional CTE Center (IPRC) recently entered into a partnership agreement with Oracle Aviation, the full-service aviation operation and flight school organization. Services available through Oracle Aviation include aircraft fuel, hangar and maintenance services, aircraft sales and management, avionics, flight training and more. IGNITE Pathways will offer ground school courses in 2023-24 with flight training through Oracle Aviation.

Oracle Aviation and IGNITE Pathways Take Flight with Comprehensive Pilot Training Courses:

With the ever-increasing demands of the aviation industry, Oracle Aviation has partnered with IGNITE Pathways to provide a comprehensive range of pilot training programs. Both companies have joined forces to create an innovative curriculum that will supplement IGNITE’s classroom-based ground school with additional flight training courses offered from Oracle. This collaboration allows students enrolled in the IGNITE Pathways program to receive extensive instruction on how to become a certified private pilot. Oracle's diverse selection of flight courses permits student pilots to attain various ratings such as Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, and Certified Flight Instructor.

On top of this, they also provide multi-engine capabilities for those seeking more advanced aviation skills. IPRC will unveil two full-motion flight simulators this fall that will provide training opportunities for students throughout the ground school coursework. With experienced instructors leading each class session and personal one-on-one sessions available for extra help, Oracle and IPRC are committed to providing its students with quality education and support on their path towards becoming certified pilots.

“Oracle Aviation is proud to partner with IGNITE Pathways, creating a comprehensive flight training program for high school students and adult learners in Southwest Iowa. The combination of onsite ground schools and simulator training at IGNITE Pathways’ new, state of the art facility, coupled with one on one flight training in a variety of aircraft types and airport locations will provide a unique learning experience for students of all levels of experience. This innovative approach to aviation education will be a significant new resource for students and active pilots interested in pursuing advanced pilot training.” stated Dave Poole.

From operating basics like plane layout and takeoff procedures to more complex topics like air traffic control regulations and navigation techniques, Oracle is sparing no expense when it comes to preparing their students for the challenges ahead. Furthermore, their unique curriculum structure offers a solid foundation through classroom theory while also allowing pilots plenty of valuable ‘hands-on’ experience from behind the yoke itself. From novice flyers just getting started on their journey all the way up to experienced aviators brushing up on old skills – both Oracle Aviation and IGNITE Pathways are working together to ensure that aspiring pilots receive only the highest quality education in order to reach their full potential in the sky above us!

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