Students learn varying aspects of the Ag industry, both in and out of the classroom.

Working with both area businesses and global entities, students get to experience how broad the Ag sector is, and how many hardworking individuals have built a career working in Ag.

This course may be for you if you are interested in: crop production, animal science, animal nutrition, veterinary science, grain processing, or agronomy technology.


Students in Ag Exploration are regularly out of the classroom and at various businesses exploring what the future of agriculture looks like.  Students also have the opportunity to explore areas of particular interest to them.


Courses available in this path include:


Agriculture is such a broad field that touches or influences so many other industries.  Individuals with a strong ag background can explore careers as equipment operators, truck drivers, commodities traders, agronomists, engineers and scientists. An agronomy applicator, for an example, starts at $14/hour or higher.


Entry-Level Wages


Iowa Job Openings


Income Potential

Meet Avery

Avery, Woodbine Sophomore, was certain she wanted to be a veterinarian, so she signed up for the animal science course at IGNITE.  Through the course she had the opportunity to visit several vets and even shadow one.  

Through this experience, Avery quickly discovered that, despite her love of animals, becoming a vet wasn’t what she wanted for her future. 

Avery spent time discussing and exploring other fields through her course work, and is confident that she will still work with animals.  Avery is pursuing opportunities for Zoological Nutrition.

“These classes have given me the opportunity to really explore what opportunities are out there.  My vet experience wasn’t great, but I’m glad I know and don’t have to wait until college to figure it out.”

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