The Aviation program introduces students to career opportunities in aviation as well as the principles of flying.  Students learn what it takes to become a pilot both for traditional aircraft and for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or drone).

This program may be for you if you are interested in: Cars, planes, transportation, machines, driving, flying.


Students will learn first-hand from a certified flight instructor how to pursue a career or hobby as a pilot.  Students will get experience flying a drone, and will visit multiple aviation related sites to see various aspects of a career in aviation.


Courses available in this path include:


Students in the aviation program will learn multiple aspects of the aviation industry, and will be prepared to sit for their Part 107 (drone) test as well as their written private pilot's test.


With the demand for pilots on the rise, there is a huge need for new pilots to enter the workforce each year. The average pilot's salary is $75K and higher. Drone pilots are also in high demand in all industries, including agriculture, often earning $35/hour and higher.


Entry-Level Wages


Midwest Job Openings


Income Potential

Meet Jordan


Jordan, a Lo-Ma senior, is fascinated with aviation.  The opportunity to learn more about the aviation industry is what drew Jordan to IGNITE. 

He never imagined he would actually get to fly a plane while in high school. Once he experienced flying, Jordan can't wait to get in the air again.  He even offered to rent a plane!

"I've always wanted to fly, and now that I have, I KNOW I want to become a pilot."


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