IGNITE Pathways is the only program in Western Iowa partnered with Knight Moves Academy.  Students work through various instruction in programming and have the opportunity to work with Knight Moves, a non-profit that works at directly placing individuals into a career upon completion of their program.

This program may be for you if you are interested in: computers, video games, app or website development, or emerging technologies .



Students first learn the methodology needed for all programming languages.  Then, they  build programs, graphics, and web forms using languages such as C#, HTML, CSS, and Java. 

As students advance in the program, they evaluate and select programs and languages for various practical applications.


Courses available in this program include:

  • Intro to Programming and Logic
  • C#
  • HTML and CSS
  • Java I
  • Intro to Databases
  • Advanced C#
  • Databases and SQL
  • Java II


Students have the opportunity to continue their training as part of the Knight Moves program which will lead to a direct industry placement.


If you are pursuing a career in programming you can find work fast - in a field that is more important than ever. The world will needs approximately one IT professional for every 70 people. Current median IT-related salaries in Iowa range from $50,000 to $77,000 per year.


Entry-Level Wages


Iowa Job Openings


Income Potential

Meet Payton


Payton is passionate about computers and has been teaching himself coding well before starting Computer Programming with IGNITE Pathways. 

Payton is most excited about the opportunity to continue on with KNIGHT MOVES and continue with a career in development.

“I’ve been given the tools, not only to program in a language outside of the one that I learned before, but also the knowledge of where to look if I wanted to learn more.”

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